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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Basic Machine Needles For Piecing

This is really basic for those of you who have been quilting for a while, but for newbies and self-taught quilters this is important.

You want to use Sharps for all your machine piecing. A good basic size would be about an 80/12.

This one I didn't know for quite a while, but you should change your needle after every good size project you work on. A needle gets dull and worn out after puncturing fabric a million times. If you hit a pin, it can get a burr on it. This can cause the needle to snag on your fabric each time it enters the fabric. Sometimes you can even hear it when a needle has gotten dull.

If you are having problems with the needle pushing the fabric down into the throat plate and making a mess, this could mean you have a dulled or burred needle and need to change it.


Jil ~ said...

So would you replace your needle after each quilt, or just when you see or feel it getting dull?

Lisa D. said...

This is a good tip. I know women in my quilt guild who only change a needle when it breaks. I change mine after every project!

Tiffany said...

Needles are not that expensive and you will see a HUGE difference if you change after every project.